“I don’t just play rock ’n’ roll, I live it!”


First “Sweet Talker” then “Drunken Flower”: a natural development for someone with an unfettered pursuit of rock ’n’ roll. Nuel doesn’t succumb to trends. On the contrary! When it comes to timeless and assured song-writing, he has set new standards with his second album.

Nuel finds it very difficult to sit still; the man is constantly on the move and has things to do, new horizons to seek. And even though his first album was called “Sweet Talker,” which was a great success by the way, he doesn’t ooze charm. He knows what he wants! Nuel has remained true to rock ’n’ roll – not because he’s unable to do anything else, but because he doesn’t want to do anything else. It’s his choice and the singer-songwriter from Zurich allows himself this freedom to follow his dreams and steer clear of any sort of schema. This is also why he produces such authentic and sincere work. Totally, one hundred percent, as Nuel gladly points out.

Rock ’n’ roll is not a cliché for Nuel, it’s a way of life to which he has dedicated his music. “I just love dirty, genuine riffs,” exclaims the multi-talent. His current hit was produced by JeanPierre von Dach, just like “Sweet Talker.” Its versatility lends it a surprising touch: great emotions are juxtaposed with minor gestures, serious rock meets intimate ballads, and all without a trace of schmalz and icing. “Drunken Flower” is culled from real life. The title song is at once an anti-drug number and an examination of his own experiences in dealing with addiction.“This song isn’t about me; it’s about addiction and dependency in general,” remarks Nuel and continues reflectively, “I’ve lost a lot of friends because of addiction.”

“Drunken Flower” is striking due to its diversity of styles. Apart from the guitar, Nuel gives the piano a lot of space. “It opens up more possibilities when I’m composing,” says Nuel, explaining the prominence of the keyboard instrument. And yet his music is not watered down by it. Even in places where the piano is in the foreground, the songs retain their character of disarming sincerity, so typical for Nuel’s music. The record, which he cut with Jean-Pierre von Dach, Philippe Kuhn, Eddie Walker, Gigi Moto or Roman Weissert, among others, is a perfect fit for someone who passionately lives out his rock ’n’ roll dream. Day after day, night after night.

“Sweet Talker” was Nuel’s CD debut and he views it as a door-opener. Together with loads of airplay and TV appearances, it garnered him a gig in the KKL, Lucerne’s renowned temple of culture. With that said, the groundwork has been laid and it’s time for Nuel to let off steam with “Drunken Flower.”